Mar 28

Episode 77 – Bieber and Ham: Attacks from Abroad

Tonight, we have Churba, Nelson, Thaed, and newcomer Eryn from the YouTube Channel Eryncerise! Topics: The Hypocrisy of SXSW SXSW had speakers like Edward Snowden espousing on the importance of privacy, but also had workshops on squeezing the most information out of users. Is there a balance that can be struck? Should there be? …

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Mar 01

Episode 76: The Simul-groan

Tonight  we have Churba and Nelson! Also, some students I TA for (but in the after-show-show). Topics: The Physicality of our Technology Online Gaming and Livestreaming Nelson’s thing: The Magicians Churba’s thing: The Diamond Club Victor’s thing: Forbidden Fire Contest: Email Victor a funny literary thing and, if your thing is selected, you will …

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Feb 01

Episode 75: Red Envelope, Please!

On tonight’s show, Thaed joins us! Topics: Changes in technology requires cultural change. Data wants to be free, but should it be? Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate Churba’s Thing: Porn 101 Nelson’s Things: AText and Mondo2000 Victor’s Thing: Thing of the Day!

Dec 22

Episode 74 – You’ll fall backwards when you come of age.

Tonight on the show… we basically had no idea what we were going to talk about, but at least we own up to it! We’ve got Churba and Nelson!

Nov 30

Episode 73 – Illegitimate Chin Baby

Tonight, we’re running an energetic skeleton crew with Churba and Nelson! Topics: Topics: Should people be arrested for not returning library books? Bilingual people apparently have a different personality for each language: Have you noticed this? An Argentinian Car mechanic invented a new device to ease childbirth. Our panel shares crazy inventions they’ve found. …

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Nov 01

Episode 72 – Scott Johnson for President, Ro for Hulk

Tonight we had Ro, Scott Johnson, Nelson, and Churba! Topics: Let’s discuss the Shutdown of the United States Government! Is it ethical to edit your own Wikipedia account? Sepukku by legal potentia: Encryption and Privacy services throwing themselves on their swords to keep the NSA from getting to them. Ro’s Thing: …

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Sep 28

Episode 71 – Lackadaisy Cats

On tonight’s show, we have Nelson and our old friend Viga! We take a very mellow approach to this show in light of all the seriousness in the news recently and talk about Water on Mars, Viga’s perspective on the shootings in DC, and people being left on Mars. Viga’s link: MLP Po-Mo Nelson’s thing: …

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Aug 30

Episode 70: Getting Caught with a Hitler

Earlier in the year, we did a special episode of Friday Night Partly Line in the style of the British trivia game show “QI”. It was so much fun I’ve decided that we’re going to do it again! On the show tonight: Nathan “Neito” Malynn, Omar (from Atomic Trivia War 9000), Thaed, and Churba Thaed’s …

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Jul 27

Episode 69 – A Thick Broth of Aaron Sorkin

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line we have Nelson, Churba, FNPL Veteran Viga the Otagal, and newbie David Manglano! Topics: New version of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Transit System The future of civilian drones What’s entertaining us?

Jun 29

Episode 68 – Nelson the Sandwich King!

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, we have Nelson, Andrew, Churba, and special in-studio guest Amanda Fiero! Topics: Edward Snowden and transparency in government et al E3, the new consoles, and how DRM affects things Sony and Disney’s move to, apparently, kill theaters. ( Smart Homes!

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