Mar 15

Episode 89: The Episode Victor Forgot to Upload

Last Friday on Friday Night Party Line, Victor. Nelson, Adam, and Jason did an entire very interesting show that Victor forgot to upload.   So here it is now.

Mar 15

Acceptable Vices Episode 3: Channel A

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, Victor, Churba and Nelson play Channel A by Asmadi Games (or a version of it, anyway).

Feb 15

Acceptable Vices Episode 2: Amazon 2015 Pilot Season

This week, Nelson and Victor review the 2015 Amazon Pilot Season and Churba recommends alternative programming for each. The New Yorker Presents Who do you think you are? Australian Story Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year series Point of Honor Bleak House Carolyn’s War The Man in the High Castle Axis of Time Trilogy Survivors Down …

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Feb 06

Episode 88: “This episode brought to you by-” “NO.”

On tonight’s episode, we have Churba, Jason, and Adam! Topics: When terrorists take hostages, should we actually negotiate? Or should we ignore them? FCC to fight state laws against municipal boradband: Radioshack going under

Feb 01

Acceptable Vices Episode 1 – Quest to Castle Raunchausen

In this inaugural episode of Acceptable Vices, Victor, Churba, Adam, and Derek play Victor’s game “Quest to Castle Raunchausen”. This podcast will eventually get it’s own feed, but, for the mean time, it will live with Friday Night Party Line.

Jan 23

Episode 87: Mostly-naked Nelson Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Podcast

On Tonight’s Show, a special announcement (or two) is made. On the show is Churba, Nelson, Victor, George, and Scott Johnson! Topics: – Charlie Hebdo attacks: How the rest of the world has the benefit of learning from America’s mistakes post-terrorism – Sony/North Korea: Now that it’s had some time to chill, what happened? And …

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Dec 26

Episode 86: Capoeira to Victory!

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, Victor, Nelson, and Churba are joined by game creator Derek Chappell to play his game “Abort Retry Fail”, a game about being a terminator who forgot what he was supposed to be doing and just wings it.  Hilarity ensues

Nov 30

Episode 85: Recorded Before, But Aired After Thanksgiving

Tonight on FNPL, GAMERGATE. Nope, nothing else. That’s it.

Oct 24

Episode 84: Whoa, Episode. Whoa.

Tonight, we had Churba, Nelson, Kate, and oh wow did we go long. Topics: 1. Loss of cultural permanence through the erosion of physical goods by digital analogues (or “Digital stuff won’t survive the apocalypse”) 2. Perfumes and Colognes 3. The Ultimate Single Sign-On: With facebook and Google and other platforms offering single-sign on services, …

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Sep 26

Episode 83 – Cars! Cars! Cars! 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey Everyone! Like last month, this month is going to have a theme: Cars! Yes, we’re doing an automotive special. With us are the motorheads of the FNPL guests: Churba, George, and (at the very last minute) Omar! Topics: The Local Motors Rally Fighter and bespoke cars: Local Motors Rally Fighter, Equus Bass 770 Our First Cars …

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