Nov 27

Acceptable Vices Episode 18: The Los Angeles Auto Show 2015

Tonight on the show, the usual crew of car guys (George, Omar, Churba, and Victor) Talk about the LA Auto Show!

Nov 20

Friday Night Party Line Episode 104: Nailing Himself in the Face

Tonight on the show: Scott Johnson, George, Churba, and Victor Topics: Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is an emoji. Specifically, this one: . Community, fed up with shitty internet, makes their own ISP

Nov 14

Acceptable Vices Episode 17: How to Not Suck At Life

Tonight, Victor, Churba, Nelson, George, and first-timer Uncle Yo weigh in with their advice on how to not suck at life. Special thanks to listener Pradyumn Vij for making this episode VERY easy. Back Uncle Yo’s Kickstarter for Dungeon Crawlers Season 2!

Nov 09

Friday Night Party Line – Episode 103 – The Citizens of Rome Should Also Have to Pay Taxes.

Tonight, on the show we have George, Scott Johnson, Victor, and Nelson! Third Republican Debate RNC Pulls out from MSNBC Debates Orwell Estate looks after 1984

Nov 09

Friday Night Party Line – Episode 102: I see a YouTube and I want to paint it red.

Guests: Scott Johnson, Churba, Omar, and Victor YouTube Red Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots Dad makes son an awesome kitchen playset! GET YOUR FLU VACCINE!!   Late Upload, sorry folks.

Oct 25

Acceptable Vices 16: CRAAAAAB PEOPLE

Tonight on the show, Crab Churba, Crab Scott Johnson, and Crab Victor!  

Oct 25

Acceptable Vices 15 – Cars! Cars! Cars! 3 Carpocolypse Now!

Tonight on the show it’s Churba, George, Omar, and Victor! We talk about cars!

Oct 02

Friday Night Party Line: Episode 101 – Fatal Exception

This episode on Friday Night Party Line, we have Omar, Churba, and Victor! Topics: What does it gaming become when dying in the game has more serious consequences than just loading from the last save?: months later: Windows 10Should media franchises have a time limit? (I.e. No more Detective Conan after X years or …

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Sep 25

Acceptable Vices Episode 14 – Something Awesome

Tonight on the show, Derek, the one man tour de force that is Newstand Press,  joins us to run his soon to be published game: PATROL, the game about being a patrol in the Vietnam War. For those of you following along at home, here is the map of the game we were using.

Sep 23

Friday Night Party Line: Episode 100 – Recorded In Front of a Live Studio Charlotte

This week on Friday Night Party Line, it’s our 100th episode. No big. On the show we have Nelson, Churba, victor and, a newcomer to the line, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman!

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