Aug 27

Friday Night Party Line 98: The Return of Nelson and the Tragedy of Trump

The episode on Friday Night Party Line, the panel is at capacity as we dig  into the GOP debate and the question “What is the point of the ‘Inbox Zero’”? On the show: ScoJo, Adam, Nelson, Churba, and Victor

Aug 18

Acceptable Vices Episode 12: Fried Toroids of Crab People

Tonight… crab people with Churba and Victor. Topics? Hahahahahahaha….

Aug 13

Acceptable Vices Episode 11: DANGER ZONE by Newstand Press

On this episode of Acceptable Vices, the boys take a crack at facing off against game designer and owner of Newstand Press, Derek Chappell, in his newest creation: “Danger Zone”, a fighter plane RPG subsystem! We will probably fail spectacularly, but that’s part of the fun. On tonight is Adam, Derek, Churba, and Victor

Aug 01

Friday Night Party Line – Episode 97: Back on Schedule

We’re back on track this week! On the show: Adam, Nelson, George, and Victor! This week on FNPL, it looks like the Boy Scouts are finally being not stupid about having Gay Leaders. The mormons are butthurt about it. Experts: “Military AI is totally bad, mmmkay?” Local Police in Illinois rush the stage at …

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Jul 25

Friday Night Party Line – Episode 96: The United Territories of Austramerica

Three weeks ago, on Friday Night Party Line, Victor, Jason, Churba, and Scott Johnson talk about… How homophobia is obviously dead now (Supreme Court ruling) how some guy was trying to fund Greek Bailout  on IndieGoGo (it didn’t work) and how the Girl Scouts give back $100K donation because it given with a heavy dose of …

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Jul 18

Acceptable Vices 10: Live from ConnectiCon 2015 – About, Retry, Fail 1000

This time on Acceptable Vices, We play Derek’s game “Abort, Retry, Fail 1000″ LIVE from ConnectiCon 2015 with all the guests in person! Well, except Churba. He’s still in his bedroom. On the show tonight is Derek, ScoJo, George, Rym (briefly), Churba, Victor, and , for the first time, Greg Teig von Hoffman! Buy “Abort, Retry, Fail 1000″ on DriveThruRPG

Jun 25

Acceptable Vices – Bonus Round with Churba and Victor!

In this after the show conversation, Victor and Churba talk about the Steam Sale and other stuff.

Jun 23

Friday Night Party Line Episode 95 – Atari Qunari Asari

Tonight on the show, Churba, Nelson, and Victor faff about for a bit about E3! Take Down the Confederate Flag.

Jun 14

Acceptable Vices: Episode 9 – Spam Spam Spam Spam

It’s just Victor and Churba tonight and they’re reading the spam!   Crazy Spam Dialogue Tree

Jun 10

Friday Night Party Line: Episode 94 – Say Ahhh!

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, we talk about Nelson’s newest venture “Here Comes the Airplane” ( and Steam’s new refund policy! On the show was Nelson, Churba, George, Adam, and Victor.

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